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300-2000kg/h PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

This PET bottle washing recycling production line is specially designed for PET material crushing ,washing, and drying process. And can remove all dust from PET material, so that the waste PET material could be cleaned and recycled used.
This production line is with a various capacity range, including: 300-2000KG/H, to meet all kinds of requirements from clients.

PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

Feature of PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
1. High automation, Less man power, low energy consumption, high output
2. Provide whole solution for by-products during production, for example: variegated bottles, non-PET material, sewage water, labels, caps, metal and etc.
3. With a materials pre-treatment system such as Pre-washer, Label processing module, highly improve quality of end products
4. Through multiple cold flotation, hot washing and friction washing, fully remove the impurities, such as glue, organic and inorganic residue
5. The reasonable process design, reduce maintenance cost and bring convenient Operation

Process flow of PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine
Belt conveyer → Rolling separator →Manual pick table → Metal separator → Belt conveyer → Crusher → Label Separator → Hot washer 1 → Friction washing machine → Hot washer 2 → High-speed friction washing machine → Rinsing tank → Spray washing→ Dewatering machine → Blower dryness system → Storage hopper → Finished product packing
Technical Details of PET Bottle Washing Recycling Machine

Model PET-300 PET-500 PET -1000 PET -1500
Capacity (kg/h) 200-300 400-500 800-1000 1000-1500
Crusher power 37kw 45kw 37kw x 2 45kw x 2

Photos of PET Bottle Washing Recycling MachineDSCF6305.jpg

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EMAIL:  info@caivi-machine.com