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Argentine Guests' Factory Visiting

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On October 11th, 2019, Argentine customers from afar came to our company for factory visiting. High-quality products and services, strong company qualifications and famous reputation, and good industry development prospects are important reasons for attracting them to  this visit. 


On behalf of all employees of CAIVI, the general manager of the company warmly welcomed the arrival of the visitors and arranged a detailed reception work. Accompanied by the leaders in charge of each department, the clients visited and inspected the factory's production workshop. 


Under the guidance of relevant technical personnel, the customer conducted the test operation of the extruder line they ordered, and the good performance of the equipment made them amazed! The company's engineers and sales staff have made detailed answers to all kinds of questions raised by customers. Their rich professional knowledge and excellent working ability left a deep impression on buyers. 



The customers said that this visit was very rewarding and not only helped to learn production technology and experience from each other, but also promoted genuine communication and cooperation. In the end, both parties expressed their willingness to build up a long-term cooperative relationship in the future.

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