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Glass Fiber PPR pipe production line

Adopting the high efficient single screw extruder for PPR glass fiber pipe machinery , which ensures high and stable output and long service life for the production line.Special designed of adjusted die head absorbs our unique technology to make even thickness of three layers, each of them can be easily adjusted.

Glass Fiber PPR Pipe Production Line

Features of product of Glass Fiber PPR Pipe Production line:
1. Equipped ith polyolefin purposed single-screw extruder; it has the characters of quick extruding, high efficiency and so on.
2. The specially designed co-extrusion die head is reasonable in flow channel, smooth in both internal and external walls, and small in internal stress. 
3. Pipe diameter is among 20-160mm and production speed reaches to 18m/min. 
4.One unit serves several purposes. It can produce common PP-R, Nanometer anti-bacteria pipe, PE-RT and PE-X.
5. If added one co-extrusion engine and die on original base, it can produce PP-R fiberglass reinforced composite pip

Process line of Glass Fiber PPR Pipe Production line:
Raw material +master batches → mixing→vacuum feeding → material dryness → single screw extruder → single screw extruder → single screw extruder → color string extruder → spiral co-extrusion mould → calibrator → spray vacuum calibration tank → spray cooling water tank → spray-code printer → belt haul-off → no-dust cutter → pipe rack→finished product inspecting &packing 
Technical parameters of Glass Fiber PPR Pipe Production line:

Model Screw diameter L/D Extruder Pipe range Capacity (kg/h) Power(km) Total power Line length
FP-PPR-63A 50mm 33:1 4 20-63 100-200 22*3 120 30
FR-PPR-63B 65mm,50mm 33:1 3 20-63 100-180 37*1,22*1 110 30
PR-PPR-110A 65mm 33:1 4 20-110 180-300 37*3 190 38
FR-PPR-110B 75mm,65mm 33:1 3 20-110 150-200 55*1,37*1 180 38

Picture of Glass Fiber PPR Pipe Production line:



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