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PEX-A Pipe Machine

PEX-A Pipe machine is with various diameter and wall thickness, from 16-50mm. The plastic pipe production line mainly includes twin screw extruder, pipe extrusion die, vacuum calibrating water tank, spray cooling water tank, hauling unit, cutting unit and stack unit.

PEX-A Pipe Machine

Features of PEX-A Pipe Machine:
1.PEX-A pipe machine adopts crank connecting rod mechanism for double pipe extrusion with low noise and without vibration.No lubrication is required during operating.
2.PEX-A pipe machine adopts imported and famous reducer and motor for feeding system,with frequency regulator,ensuring stable operation and precision of feeding.
3.Specially designed press unit ensures reliable running for long period of time. 
4.The pipe machine adopts imported length measuring unit and equipped with sound and light alarm ,for precision measuring and easy operation.
5.The independent pulling machine adopts the imported frequency regulator,imported branded trustworthy driving motor,for stable and precision pulling speed.
Process line of PEX-A Pipe Machine:
 Raw material + additive → mixing → conveying feeding → plunger stamping extruder → mould → ink printer → cooling water tank → haul-off → meter measurer → winder → manual cut → finished product inspecting&packing

Technical Parameter of PEX-A Pipe Machine:


Model Pipe range(mm) Capacity(kg/h) Main motor power(kw) Total power(kw) Line length(m)
PEX-A32 16-32 20 7.5 45 12
PEX-A50 32-50 25 11 45 12

Picture of PEX-A Pipe Machine:



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