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PP PE Film Agglomerator Machine

Film agglomerator is Used for changing PE, PP film/bags into agglomeration granules.Plastic Agglomerator will be recycling a waste of the plastic film and wall thickness of less than 2 millimeters products direct granulation equipment.

PP PE Film Agglomerator Machine

Feature of PP PE Film Agglomerator Machine
1..Film agglomerator can make granule for soft PVC, high-low-pressure polyethylene, polystyrene, thermoplastic polypropylene plastics and other waste products, or the films, also be of granulation for the abandoned polystyrene foam products.
2.The main shaft is metal processed after being heat-treated and adjusted straight and this machine is of low noise but high output, with the removable blade as the fixed blade, resulting in convenient repair and maintenance.
Technical Parameters of PP PE Film Agglomerator Machine:

Model Volume( L) Motor (KW) Rotary speed(Rpm) Rotary
Fixed blades Material Output(Kg/h)
CV-200 200 45 1000 2 6 9CrSi 100-150
CV-300 300 55 950 2 6 9CrSi 200-250
CV-400 400 75 750 2 8 9CrSi 300-350
CV-500 500 90 960 4 8 9CrSi 400-450
CV-600 600 110 960 4 8 9CrSi 500-550
CV-800 800 132 850 4 8 9CrSi 700-750

Photos of PP PE Film Agglomerator Machine:




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TEL:  0086-512-58156669
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EMAIL:  info@caivi-machine.com