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PP/PPR water pipe line/plastic pipe extruding line

The screw of the extruder equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns newaa
style grooves. All of these offer good plastification and mixing effect.
Special design of basket die head of for PPR large diameter pipe with thick wall offer lower melting temperature, good mixing,lower pressure of cavity, and stable production.

PP/PPR water pipe line/plastic pipe extruding line

Machine Description:
The screw of the extruder equipped with barrier unit and mixing structure, and the barrel owns newaa
style grooves. All of these offer good plastification and mixing effect. 
Special design of basket die head of for PPR large diameter pipe with thick wall offer lower melting temperature, good mixing,lower pressure of cavity, and stable production.

(1) This production line aim at the characteristic of the PPR pipes.
(2) It adopts high efficiency single screw extruder can equipped with the Siemens PLC controlling system.
(3) It can realize the whole line automatic controlling of high capacity, stable extruding with the suitable changing of different units could realize the production job of PE-RT, PEX, PB pipe.

Processing Flow:
Raw material+master batches → Mixing → vacuum feeding → material dryness → single screw extruder →color string extruder → spiral mould → calibrator → spray vacuum calibration tank → spray cooling water tank →spray-code printer → belt haul-off → no-dust cutter → pipe rack → finished product inspecting &packing
Technical Parameters :

Model Screw Diameter
L/D Pipe range Capacity
Main motor power
Total power
Line length
WT-PPR-63 65 33:1 20-63 70-110 45 90 24
WT-PPR-110(A) 75 33:1 20-110 110-150 55 110 30
WT-PPR-110(B) 75 33:1 75-110 110-200 90 150 30
WT-PPR-160 90 33:1 110-160 200-300 110 180 32




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