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PS Foamed Mirror Frame Production Line

PS decorative molding product produced by this machine is a new type macromolecule decorative moulding material. It is used to make various shape, flower type, pattern and color of imitation wood and imitation stone foam photo frame, picture frame, bulletin board frame, door pocket, windowsill line, skirting line, cornice line, waist line, corner line, inside corner line, external corner line, imitation wood lines internal and external decorative material.

PS Foamed Mirror Frame Production Line

Feature of PS Foamed Mirror Frame Production Line
PS foamed Mirror Frame Production line, consist of single screw extruder and the special co-extruder, with the cooling tank, hot stamping machine, haul-off, and stacker.
This line is equipped with top brand electronic device, to offer a good plasticization, high output capacity and stable performance.
The production line is with good appearance, stable performance, accurate&easy operation
By adjusting the emobssing wheel, the machine can work on various of different profiles
Working together with the mian extruder and other extrusion down steam equipment, the line is popular as the lasted developed producing line
Technical Details of PS Foamed Mirror Frame Production Line

Model CV-PSZS90/45 CV-PSZS120/65
Extruder SJ90/45 SJ120/65
Foam rate 2.5 times 2.5times
Driving motor power 37kw 55kw
Heating power 30kw 50kw
Cooling method Cooled by wind and water
Output 60-80kg/h 100-150kg/h
Installed capacity(approx) 75kw 115kw



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