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PVC Crust Board Production Line

PVC and WPC crust foamed boards also use widely as building board, tools board, furniture, mould for block, packaging ,recycling box, advertisement plate, show plate, business plate, roof, ship profile, etc. this product have specifications as weather resistance, resistance germ, corrode, cloudy, ant, fire, elect, worms, mice, ultraviolet ray, etc. also could keep temperature, use long times.

PVC Crust Board Production Line

Feature of PVC Crust Board Production Line
1.PVC crust foamed plate has such characteristics as sound separation,sound absorption,heat separation,temperature-keeping,etc.
2.The material is incombustible,it is safe for use.
3.All series of products have property of moisture proof,mildew proof,water resistance,its vibration resistant effect is good.
4.All series of products have property of weathering proof,its luster may remain forever,it is not easy to be aging.
5.This product is light,storage & transport,construction are rather convenient.
6.This product can be worked with normal tools for wooden material.
7.Drilling,sawing,nail,planing,bonding can be conducted like wooden material.
8.It is suitable for thermal shaping,thermal bending and fold processing.
9.It can be welded,it can also be bonded with other PVC material.
10.The surface of this product is smooth,it can be printed.(Clean the surface before printing).

Photo of PVC Crust Board Production Line


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