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PVC Four Pipes Extrusion Machine

The PVC four pipes production line can extrude four pipes at same time on one machine. This plastic pipe machine can save invested cost in factory building and production,which increase the capacity a lot and reduce production time

  • U-PVC 32

PVC Four Pipes Extrusion Machine

Processing Flow of PVC Four Pipe Production Line:

Raw material+additive→mixing→conveying feeding→force feeding→conical double screw extruder→“one mould four pipes”mould→calibrator→spray vacuum calibration tank→ink printer→belt haul-off→uplift cutter→pipe rack→finished product inspecting&packing

Technical Parameters of PVC Four Pipe Production Line

Model Auxiliary Screw diameter
Pipe range
Main motor
Total power
Line length
U-PVC32 One mould four pipes 65/132 16-32 120-250 37 100 22

Picture of PVC Four Pipe Production Line:

extruder mould_副本.jpg

haul off and cutter machine 2_副本.jpg

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TEL:  0086-512-58156669
FAX:   0086-512-58156976
EMAIL:  info@caivi-machine.com