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PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line

The PVC+wood foamed composite board is a latest-model product which can replace wood products, besides the feature of the original woodiness of wood product, the WPC board has special advantages of mildew proofing, insect prevention, therefore, it is acknowledged as the environment friendly product, and is popularly used in building decoration and packaging fields, such as skirting line, particleboard, door pocket, flooring, spectacles frame, picture frame, toy and common furniture, internal decoration to the kitchen and bathroom, has vast developing prospect.


                             PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line
Feature of PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line
1.PE/PVC Wood plate production line is our company successfully developed a composite self-invented technology, plate by adding pulverized plant fiber, the thickness adjustable, can be a single-or three-tier board, board width 915 ~ 1220mm, widely used in the construction template, furniture, decoration and other industries.
2.The production line of electrical parts are used in the world famous brand products, combined with our company for many years plate equipment manufacturing technology and experience to make it more reliable and complete. Its production product surface smooth, bright and clean, size of the error is small, with a can nail can be planed, corrosion-resistant, fire retardant, and many other advantages
Process Flow of PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line
Raw material+wood power+additive→mixing → granulating → conical double screw extruder → sheet extrusion mould → cooling molding die → vacuum calibration tank → belt haul-off → cutter → rack → finished product inspecting&packing
Technical Details of PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line

Model Unit CV-MSB80/156 CV-MSB92/18B
Screw dia. MM 80/156 92/188
Screw quantity Piece 2 2
Rotational speed r/min 1-38 1-32.9
Main extruder power KW 55 110
Heating power(approx) KW 36 45
Extrusion output Kg/h 100-400 400-500
Max. width of product mm 600 800 1000 1250
Cooling water m3/h 12 13 15 18
Compressed air m3/min 0.5 0.6 0.8 1

Photos of PVC/PE/PP Wood-plastic Board Production Line


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