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SJ Single Screw Extruder

SJ Single Screw Extruder is mainly used to process PP, PE, PP-R,ABS and other plastics. Equipped with auxiliary machines, it can manufacture profile, pipes, sheets and other plastic products and granulation. It has the advantage of simple production technological process, high output, stable quality and low cost.


SJ Single Screw Extruder

Main advantage of Single Screw Extruder:
1.Suitable for various polyolefin materials: HDPE, PPR, PP,and  ABSetc. Adopt advanced human-machine interface control system to realize the automatic control of the whole line.

2.Excellent temperature control system to ensure the stability of the producing process. Integrated design of force water cooling and force feeding groove ensures the evenness and stability of the manufacturing process.

3.High-performance driving system; Wearable and easy to maintain.

Technical Parameter of Single Screw Extruder: 

Model L/D Output Speed of Screw Rotationl Power Center Height
SJ-30 10-33 10-25kg/h 20-120r/min 3-5.5kw 1000mm
SJ-45 10-33 10-35kg/h 20-120r/min 7.5-18.5kw 1000mm
SJ-50 10-33 20-80kg/h 20-120r/min 22-37kw 1000mm
SJ-65 10-33 80-150kg/h 20-120r/min 37-55kw 1000mm
SJ-75 10-33 120-280kg/h 20-120r/min 55-90kw 1000mm
SJ-90 10-33 150-450kg/h 20-120r/min 90-160kw 1200mm
SJ-120 10-33 300-600kg/h 20-120r/min 160-260kw 1200mm
SJ-150 10-33 450-700kg/h 20-120r/min 260-315kw 1200mm

Picture of Single Screw Extruder:


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TEL:  0086-512-58156669
FAX:   0086-512-58156976
EMAIL:  info@caivi-machine.com